Reliefs : Collections update :

Hello everyone!
An important update is available today for Reliefs!

Information :
In the end of this year, ( only this next two weeks) no updates for Reliefs are planned. With the Christmas and New Year that arrive, I will not have the time to launch the new updates. But don't worry, the next updates they will arrive for the beginning the next year !

Happy Christmas and New Year everyone !!!

The Collections update :
This is an important update for the next of the game. Now you can collect many items hidden in the world! For this new content, some new places are available in the world. Many new ruins to visit!

The news functionalities :
- Interface :
Three new tabs in the interface of the player in game are now available! The objects, statues and views tabs are accessible. These tabs allow you to collect seventy-five items hidden through the world! For the moment, only three objects can be collected in the world. The others will arrive with the next updates of the game.

- The chests :
To collect these objects you need to find the hidden chests in the world. And to open them, you need to find around these chests three same objects that you can be placed on their locations on the chest. After that, the chest open and you receive a new object, statue or view to collect.

- Collectibles:
You can see your collectible objects that you found in the world in the objects, statues or view tabs in the interface of the game. Click on the icon of an item to see in 3D the object, statue or view.

- Objects tab :
25 objects can collect on this tab in the game interface. These objects are many tools, furnitures, weapons used in the roman time. Only one object is available for the moment.

- Statues tab :
25 statues can collect on this tab in the game interface. All are statues that can be met in the world. Only one statue is available for the moment.

- Objects tab :
25 views can collect on this tab in the game interface. These views are the parts of temples, houses or vegetations that you can meet in the world of Reliefs. Only one view is available for the moment.

- New places :
Three new structures are available hidden in the world of Reliefs! These ruins hide three chests with the news collectibles!

Update functionalities :
- Collectibles icon :
Three new icons are available in the maps menu. The location of objects, statues or views can be found where they are in the world if you have the map of this area.

- SSAO enhancement :
The SSAO (screen space ambient occlusion) is now more strengthening. Without loss of game performance.

Bug resolves :

- Bug #1 : When you start a new game by avoiding the tutorial. The first map and bas-relief that you recover in the tutorial not appearing in your map tab.
- Bug #2 : The player can stay stuck in the rocks or in the structures after a jump.
If you have a bug or a problem in the game, do not hesitate to contact me.
If you have any idea or suggestion, do not hesitate to post on the forum.

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