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Reliefs is a first-person platform adventure puzzle game in a Mediterranean environment covered with Roman ruins left for centuries or indeed millennia.

  • Explore an open world, huge and full of remains from the Roman age.
  • Complete dozens of puzzles all connected by a main story.
  • Move and climb wherever you like with your bow, arrows and ropes.
  • Make arrows, torches and ropes to keep moving.
  • Collect dozens of objects and statues from the Roman era.
  • Lose yourself in a realistic and enchanting 3D environment!


Explore a lost universe, where time stopped at the fall of the Roman Empire.

Where the great cities formerly filled with People have now been swallowed up by vegetation, land and water. Where the passage of time has started to make a once prosperous civilisation disappear.


Explore ruins filled with forgotten puzzles and history, understand these puzzles in order to solve them and to understand your story and the history of these ruins. Based on logic, these puzzles will allow you to acquire bas-reliefs in order to restore two parallel Roman stories and help you make your choice; because this lost universe may not be what you think.


You are not naked in this forgotten world. You have a bow, arrows, ropes and torches to help you move around in this environment. The bow and arrows connected to ropes will allow you to climb higher and higher and to new areas. With the torches, you can explore the dark corners of these ruins. However the arrows, ropes and torches are not unlimited, you will have to collect different materials throughout the universe to create new torches, arrows and ropes. Use them wisely!

What choices led to these large cities being forgotten?

Explore them to learn more about them, but also about you!

Reliefs : Early access : 

Game development is very long and very complicated process, it can last from just a few months to several years. Being the only developer of this game is all the more difficult because I don't really get outsider opinion or critique. Early access is a logical step in order to make the game accessible to everyone and to be able to correct developmental mistakes or ideas before the official release of the game. Early access allows you to create a community around the game to help the developer release a fun, finished and playable game.

What is the current status of the early access version?

20% of the game is available for this moment. You have a tutorial and a part of the world map that you can explore like you wish. Few of puzzles are available and many functionalities are not implemented. These defects will be corrected thanks to the constant addition of content during early access because I want this game to have great replayability.

System requirements : Minimum :
- OS : Windows, Mac, Linux.
- Processor : Double core.
- Memory : 1GB RAM.
- Graphics : ATI or Nvidia 512MB.
- DirectX : Version 9.0c or better.
- Storage : 2GB available space.
- Sound card : OpenAL comptaible sound card

System requirements : Recommended :
- OS : Windows, Mac, Linux.
- Processor : Quad core.
- Memory : 3 GB RAM.
- Graphics : ATI or Nvidia 1GB.
- DirectX : Version 9.0c or better.
- Storage : 2GB available space.
- Sound card : OpenAL comptaible sound card


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Reliefs_v0.01.087.030918_FullGame_NoDRM_windows.7z 885 MB
Reliefs_v0.01.087.030918_FullGame_NoDRM_mac.7z 932 MB
Reliefs_v0.01.087.030918_FullGame_NoDRM_linux.7z 907 MB
Reliefs_update_0.01.094.251018.7z 245 MB

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