Reliefs : interface update part-1 :

Hello everyone!
A new update is now available!

The interface update part-1 :

The interface update part-1 allow you now to navigate in the menu of the interface of the game with better facilitate for the joystick user!

But that's not all, a new functionalities are available for improving the game and to prepare the future next updates in the next weeks!

I cut this update in two parts, for this week all interfaces of the menu of the game are updated. For the next week, all interfaces in the game (in game, inventory, tabs, ...) will be updated for the part-2. It's a big update and is not possible to do this update all interfaces (menu and in-game) in 2 weeks of works. That's why I cut this update in two parts.

With your follow and support, Reliefs evolved in the good direction. And will continue to evolve in the next months, thanks to you!
If you have a bug or a problem in the game, do not hesitate to contact me.
If you have any idea or suggestion, do not hesitate to post on the forum.

The news functionalities :

- Joystick user :
All interfaces of the menu are now 100% compatible with the joystick. It's more easy to use the different sections of the menu for the joystick user.
If a joystick is plugged, the keys informations to use in the menu appear in the below of the screen.

- Make a new game session :
Now when you start a new game many news informations are available. You can choose to skip the tutorial or not. You can choose the difficulties of the game. For this last point in the game, this functionality is not added for now. (The next week)

If you choose to skip the tutorial, you appear in the output of the first big temple, when you recover the first bas-relief of the game. You appear with the first map and bas-relief, already recover. You are ready to explore the world.

For the difficulties, three levels are available :
Easy :

  • Blue clothes show you where shoot an arrow and where jump.
  • An advanced visor is displayed when you use the bow.

Normal :

  • A few blue clothes show you where shoot an arrow and where jump.
  • A simple visor is displayed when you use the bow.

Difficult :

  • No blue clothes show you where shoot an arrow and where jump.
  • No visor is displayed when you use the bow.

- Update your game session :
Now, when you select an old game session not updated for a week or more. A windows appears to request you to update your game session. With this new functionality, you are not constrained to make a new game session after every new update!

Your progression will be saved, but the universe of the game will be reset. All puzzles and the objects collected will be again available. But they will not be counted if you recover them again.

- New information :
When you select your game session from the menu. Now you have more information about your recovered maps, objects, statues and views. Is more easy to see your progression in the game with this game session.

- Keys :
In the options interface, is more easy to see the menu to change the keys to use in the game with your keyboard or your joystick.

- Main menu :
Now, a new message appears in the top of the screen when a joystick if plugged or not. To show you if your joystick is detected or not.

- Skip video :
Now you can skip the video when you press a key of your keyboard or your joystick.

Bug resolves : Bug#1 : When you change the global audio volume in the options interface. The sound in the background change in real time.
Bug#2 : The fonts change for many information on the game for some languages. Because, the old versions are not with the good fonts.

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