Reliefs : update tutorial part 2 not for this week

Hello everyone !

You are every day more numerous to follow the development of Reliefs and my thank you!
Without your support, Reliefs can not continue.

For this week, I had wished to release the next update for the tutorial (part 2) this week, but that not is possible. To make a better tutorial is more complicated than expected, it will take more time. And I've had many problems with my computer this week. But do not worry, these problems do not affect Reliefs and the files of the development. But must be resolved, what stopped the development for two days. But now is it resolved and the development of Reliefs can restart!

I hope the release this update of the tutorial (part 2) will be for the next week, but is not sure. If not, I would do 3 part of this update.

Part 2 :
- New tutorial area.
- End of the video tutorial in game.
- New tutorial, more simple en friendly to learn to play of the game.
- Many new information in the game.

Part 3 : (Or in the part 2 if I've had the time)
- The game save your game session even if you haven't recovered the first Reliefs in the tutorial.
- The world position, rotation of Justitia (blue ghost in the tutorial) will be saved.

- Your game session is automatically updated if the new information about the world of Reliefs (new area, update of an area, ...) is received (new version of the game). For the moment, you need to restart a new game session.
- Many bugs corrections.

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