Reliefs The Time of The Lemures 0.4 : Diary of devs #35

Hello everybody !

Here's a new developer diary for this month of April!

The work on the tutorial level is progressing, but I can't give you an exact release date for Update 0.4.01.

Information: All the following screenshots were taken in a test environment level of the game and are not representative of the final rendering. Many items may be changed or removed before the release of the next update.


A lot of work has been done this month on the architectural elements to match of the work already done on the vegetation and the cliffs.

The shaders of "global" materials such as stones or bricks have been greatly modified in order to remove repetition effects. For example the addition of cracks on the walls, plaster or destroyed elements to obtain a unique rendering of each wall and not a simple copy/paste of the previous one.

Columns and other decorative elements in the Corinthian and Tuscan style for temples have been corrected and now allow their indirect light to be calculated. (see example)

Many other simple architectural elements have been modeled to create corridors, rooms and buildings of all sizes in brick, stone or marble.


The different levels of the game will be in a semi-open world. So limited in size, but big enough to have a feeling of freedom. In addition to these open environments, there will still be oppressive areas in ruined temples, crevices, cliff edges or dark caverns like in the previous version of the game.

Levels size:

Here is an example of the maximum possible level size in version 0.4 of the game. (The little green dots are trees)

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